20 (3/29)


naruto, hxh, fma(b), mp100, gk, & others

cats, birds, raccoons & other trash animals

more about

animation major w/ creative writing minor
aries sun, virgo moon, taurus rising
chaotic neutral, entp, transmuter

i probably won't follow back unless you have a carrd/about or i know who you are

commission info

please see my deviantart for examples of what i can do

i will draw:
♡ animals and people
♡ characters in the media, original characters, and real people/animals
i will not draw:
♡ nsfw/heavy gore
♡ mecha/exceedingly complicated requests
♡ offensive content

line art: headshot/bust $10, full body $20
flat color: headshot/bust $15, full body $25
shaded: headshot/bust $20, full body $30
♡ extra characters: 50% off
♡ complex backgrounds: +$10-30 (transparencies/solids/gradients free)

ordering & payment
please dm or text me a detailed description of what you want, including references if possible. since i constantly switch up how i draw things, it would be helpful to send me a previous drawing of mine for style reference.
once i've accepted your order i will send you a paypal invoice. i will not start drawing until i am paid. if you decide to cancel, i will send you a refund proportional to the amount of work done. any refund requests after the commission is completed will be declined.
i try to get commissions done within a week but i do have a life. feel free to ask for progress pics! completed commissions may be posted anywhere as long as credit is given, and you may use them for anything except commercial purposes.